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Salcheto is… Sangiovese, Quality and Sustainability

Sustainable Winery Award - Gambero Rosso
Robert Parker Green Emblem - Rewarding Sustainability

Salcheto is a sustainable winery sitting in the heart of Tuscany with a breathtaking view of Montepulciano. Including great examples of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano we also offer terroir and Sangiovese oriented organic and natural wines. Salco means the willow tree in the ancient Tuscan language, an important plant for wine territories throughout history as its branches were used to bind the vines. Salcheto is the name of the stream, which springs at the foot of the town of Montepulciano and winds through a valley where willows abounded. This stream is the boundary of our organic and biodynamic estate, rooted in the historic district of Vino Nobile, in the southeast of the Siena province of Tuscany. The willow tree, a species that we continue to replant at the winery, also contributes to the winery’s energy independence, is today prominently represented in our logo as part of our commitment to environmental sustainability.

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Our Wines

History is teaching us how to innovate..

Thirty years have passed since Salcheto was born as a viticultural reality, moving from a classic farm sharecrop to a high quality and innovative sustainable winery and estate. Lead by Michele Manelli since 1997, the company inaugurates on its thirtyeth birthday a new image that reflects its path and the goals achieved: terroir and sangiovese oriented wines focused on drinkability and aromatic accuracy, with winemaking that is sulphite free and uses indigenous yeasts, with the four wines in the new “Obvius” label, Red, Rosé, White & Late Harvest made of grapes only; an “off-grid” cellar which is considered a model of environmental efficiency and technological innovation; an integrated environmental estate management model (GHG, Water, Biodiversity) which has achieved world premiere in indexing of Carbon and Water Footprint.

Finally a newly designed bottle is also unveiled, the “Bordolese Toscanella”, whose elegant shape is reminiscent of the ancient history of Tuscan wine, while also being the lightest and most ecological bottle available on the market.

History, innovation, quality, something we care about.

Nobile Vecchie Viti del Salco

Made from the oldest vines of the Salco vineyard, the most mature and important of our estate. A field of 2ha, with vines of 29-31 years of age, entirely cultivated with a clone of Sangiovese Prugnolo Gentile selected at the winery that at each harvest easily reaches a slight overripe. After 2 years of wood it ages up to 2 years in bottle before being put on the market. This wine, son of the historical experience made over the Salco vineyard, is also dedicated to the Alliance Vinum project, the union of six great Vino Nobile producers, aimed at the growth of individuals and of the whole territory.


From the most mature plots in the vineyards of the company, the “Salco” (2 ha/5 acres) and the “Laghetto” (3,5 ha/8 acres), Salco is produced thanks to a clone of Sangiovese Prugnolo Gentile that at each vintage reaches with ease a slight over ripeness. After maturing 2 years in wood, it is refined up to 4 years in our cellar.
salco 2017


Vinified through the ancient “Governo Toscano” method with only Sangiovese Prugnolo Gentile grapes slightly over-ripe by drying, it ages for 24 months in barrels, large and small, and then refines at least 12 months in glass.


From the Sangiovese Prugnolo Gentile vineyards, one bottle per plant, it ferments in wood and ages in large and small oak barrels for 18 months to then refine at least 6 months in the bottle.

Obvius Giallo Oro

A White wine with Noble Rot hints, produced and grown following the “sauternes” method but under a fresh and innovative interpretation.

Obvius Rosso

An important wine, but young and made of grapes only. The first selections of our “en gobelet” vines of Trequanda, as interpreted through stainless steel fermentation and maturation, for an “all fruit” experience made even more attractive by the fact of using only grapes (no added sulfites, selected yeasts, tannins or whatever else imaginable)
Obvius Rosso

Obvius Rosato

A blend of the three estates Salcheto, Poggio Piglia and La Bandita, mostly Sangiovese interpreted through fermentation and maturation in steel and unfiltered, for an “all fruit” experience made even more attractive by the fact of using only grapes (no added sulfites, selected yeasts, tannins or whatever else imaginable)

Obvius Bianco

Trebbiano from the Poggio Piglia estate, blended with Vermentino made in collaboration with the biodynamic estate Incontri from Suvereto. Interpreted through stainless steel fermentation and maturation and unfiltered, for an “all fruit” experience made even more attractive by the use of grapes only (no added sulfites, yeasts, tannins, or anything else you can imagine).


Produced with grapes from the youngest vineyards of the Montepulciano estate, as well as with dedicated first selections, it matures in stainless steel vats only.


An easy drinking, everyday wine composed of Sangiovese (85%), Canaiolo, Mammolo and Merlot. Part of this wine is matured in 300 – liter American oak “tonneaux”.
SALCHETO chianti 2022

Sommelier’s Selection

Vinco and Vincaia are two wines made to satisfy the need of Sommelliers for wines with a clear character but extremely drinkable for their pairings and “by the glass” selections.
vincaia vinco

Tempo with Michel Gondry

Tempo is a musical wine journey illustrated by movie director and passionate drummer Michel Gondry.
Michel Gondry - Vino Nobile and Chianti


An ORGANIC TABLE WINE, free of any appellation and vintage, to simply concentrate on what is inside, not only in terms of style. More freedom in producing SoloWine means also more quality in each glass of wine at the same price point.
BIB 3lt Fronte


From 8 hives of apis mellifera ligustica, who facilitate the fertilization of flowers and plants at each of our vineyards of Salcheto, Poggio Piglia and La Bandita where they are located.

Our bread in the middle, seasoned with the garden’s vegetables, foraged herbs, game meat, backyard geese and Montepulciano “Chiari” lake fish.

L’indigeno is the new restaurant at Salcheto, a sustainability laboratory, where we can express our identity as citizens of planet earth

The Enoteca

Hospitality… we would like to give to this word a sense of transparency and friendliness

The Salcheto’s Enoteca is raised at the heart of the cellar, where wine is made. It is not an accident but a choice, to open all our doors to visitors, to really convey what we do.

The winery tours are true sharings of our wine culture. For those who take the time to go deeper into it we offer old vitnages vertical tastings, private tours with the winemaker or even the “blind tasting” to discover the incredible world of sensorial experience.

Visits and Enoteca are open everyday from 10am until 7pm (including holidays)

For info enoteca@salcheto.it. or 0578799031 (digit 1)

Spoken languages: English, French, German, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian.

Our suppliers: Az. Agr. Del giorno Gerarda (Montepulciano), Formaggi Cugusi Silvana (Montepulciano), Macelleria Belli (Torrita di Siena), Buongusto (Trequanda), Paolo Parisi Podere Le Macchie (Usigliano di Lari), Az. Agr. San Benedetto (Montepulciano).

How to get here

When arriving from Florence, take exit 28, Valdichiana, on the motorway A1 and proceed towards Montepulciano-Chiusi. Take the direction Chianciano Terme and turn left before Sant’Albino when you’ll see the sing “VIA DI VILLA BIANCA”.

When arriving from Rome, take the Chiusi-Chianciano Terme exit and proceed towards Chianciano Terme – Montepulciano. Once past Chianciano Terme and Sant’Albino, turn right at Km 23 when you’ll see the sign “VIA DI VILLA BIANCA” (by the cross road indicating Monticchiello).


GPS: 43.08481N 11.79928E

SALCHETO SOCIAL CLUB is a space made for our closest friends, where you can truly discover what it means to make wine in the Tuscan hills, benefit from exclusive privileges but also achieve sustainable projects in care of the environment. Many opportunities and special benefits are offered to our Social Farmers such as discounts and wine previews, dedicated events with our winemakers at the winery, or even the opportunity to store wines directly in our cellar, so that Salcheto can become a home for all its supporters.

The Suites

The Salcheto Winehouse is the new soul of the 13th century farmhouse that is situated at the heart of our wine estate. Once a watchtower for one of the access valleys to Montepulciano, it is endowed with incredible views and vistas, from the old town of Montepulciano all the way to the “Chiari”, the Valdichiana portraits in the “Bird View” drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci.

For centuries this estate was the life-center of rural families who lived and worked this land, to then in the 1990’s those same rooms became the first cellar of the company.

Today the farmhouse accommodates 6 rooms and a lounge with kitchen, furnished by Elisa Cavani of Manoteca, in order to allow guests to live the experience of the Tuscan countryside through many perspectives, from the culture of beauty to wine and relaxation. All this is done with a touch of passionate love for taking care of the surrounding nature.

The rooms are offered with breakfast included. In the furnished garden, hot tubs are available, powered by natural wood heat. All rooms have air conditioning.


We manage our environment… our most important business

At Salcheto, we believe that a company must set itself goals for continuous improvement to its environmental, social and economic sustainability.

Based on this premise we establish a yearly Sustainability Report within the company, based on the EQUALITAS standard management system that is also certified by a third party, carefully taking care also of environmental sustainability based on the following three indicators:

  • Carbon Footprint: to control energy and materials directly and indirectly consumed and reduce climate-altering gas emissions.
  • Water Footprint: to rationalize the use of water and reduce its pollution.
  • Biodiversity Index: in its testing phase, to monitor the biological quality of the soil and of the estate’s ecosystem.

Our continuous search for better interaction with the environment has also led us to:

  • Operate an energy independent cellar system (where saving is the primary energy source).
  • Conduct and certify our vineyards and our wines according to European Organic protocol.
  • Self-produce our fertilizers (by composting) and energize our soils with 500 biodynamic preparations.
  • Use wooden materials from controlled sources and responsibly managed forests (FSC and PEFC).
  • Purify and recycle 100% of our waste waters (including those issued from spraying machines clean up).
  • Adopt a waste management system allowing us to internally differentiate over 98% of them.

We are proud to be the first company in the world to have certified the carbon footprint of a bottle of wine (according to ISO 14064 standard, in 2010).

Today, those analysis are available to any of our wines consumers, thanks to a CO2 calculator that indicates in a dynamic way the emissions related to each bottles consumption, all the way through the location where it is uncorked.

We are also proud to be the first Italian winery to have adopted a Welfare Plan for our employees.

For more information about our sustainability policies, please write to relazionisociali@salcheto.it
To get access to our Sustainability Report, click here

Carbon Footprint Calculator

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Via di Villa Bianca, 15
53045 Montepulciano (SI) – Italy

T 0578 799031
F 0578 799749

Visit reservation: enoteca@salcheto.it
Room reservation: suites@salcheto.it