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Highest Apllicable Rates

Deluxe Room (Fiasco, Riserva, 97) / Up to 2 Guests €.155 per night

Suite (Nobile, 2089, 90) / Up to 2 Guests €.195 per night

Suite (Nobile, 2089, 90) / Up to 4 Guests €.265 per night

Family Suite (Nobile-Riserva, 90-97) / Up to 4 Guests €.295 per night

Family Suite (Nobile-Riserva, 90-97) / Up to 6 Guests €.360 per night

Children 2-12 years old 30% Discount

Children 0-2 years old Free of Charge (incl. cradle)

Dogs and Cats Extra Charge €.20 each


Terms and conditions
Below are listed the terms and conditions regulating Guest requests, except when otherwise indicated and / or agreed during the actual reservation. The Management may modify the conditions for new requests without notice.

Booking procedure
The request for availability is not binding and does not represent a contract for either party. In the case of availability, a notification will be sent to the Guest summarizing the conditions for the requested stay (including dates, rates and total amount due) to be confirmed within 48 hours. Failure to confirm within the terms requested will result in the cancellation of the request. The reservation contract will be finalized by the payment of a deposit or through the written communication of the credit card details provided as a guarantee.

Booking confirmation by deposit
The reservation will be confirmed only when the deposit is received, which must be within 7 days of the reservation date.

Deposit terms
Accepted methods of deposit payment: wire transfer, money transfer, credit card, Italian non negotiable cashier’s check.
Amount requested: 20% of the total stay amount
Deadline for the deposit payment: 7 days

Cancellation terms and fees
Applicable fees to the deposits:

  • for cancellation with at least 30 days notice: no charge; the hotel will refund the amount paid, holding €.30 as a booking procedure fee – the reimbursement is not applicable in case of non-refundable room booked;
  • 25% from 30 to 16 days prior to arrival;
  • 50% from 15 to 7 days prior to arrival;
  • 75% from 6 to 4 days prior to arrival;
  • 100% from 3 days prior to arrival or in case of no-show or early departure;
  • 100% In the case of pre-paid non-refundable rate

In case the reservation is guaranteed by a credit card, no amount will be charged in advance and the stay will be settled during the actual check-in at the hotel, except for those cases where cancellation or no-show fees will be applicable.

More information about booking
The Management has the right to request an advanced payment of the stay at the customer check-in, or weekly payments.