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The Suites

The Salcheto Winehouse is the new soul of the 13th century farmhouse that is situated at the heart of our wine estate. Once a watchtower for one of the access valleys to Montepulciano, it is endowed with incredible views and vistas, from the old town of Montepulciano all the way to the “Chiari”, the Valdichiana portraits in the “Bird View” drawn by Leonardo Da Vinci.

For centuries this estate was the life-center of rural families who lived and worked this land, to then in the 1990’s those same rooms became the first cellar of the company.

Today the farmhouse accommodates 6 rooms and a lounge with kitchen, furnished by Elisa Cavani of Manoteca, in order to allow guests to live the experience of the Tuscan countryside through many perspectives, from the culture of beauty to wine and relaxation. All this is done with a touch of passionate love for taking care of the surrounding nature. 

The rooms are offered with breakfast included. In the furnished garden, hot tubs are available, powered by natural wood heat. All rooms have air conditioning.

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