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Wines and Sustainability - Salcheto, Montepulciano

The Wines

History Teaches Us To Innovate

Tuscany, Montepulciano (Siena). Founded in 1984 as a classic multi-crop farm, Salcheto is now a vineyard of over 60 hectares of organically farmed grapes, operating in one of the most ecologically advanced wine cellars to make sustainable local wines with honed mouthfeel and aroma.

Our cult wine is SALCO, Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, single varietal Sangiovese, like most of our wines.

The vineyard has also implemented many innovations, not only environment-related but also in our winemaking, with the creation of the OBVIUS “grapes only” wines (and without added sulphites).

Wines and Sustainability - Salcheto, Montepulciano
Wines and Sustainability - Salcheto
Wines and Sustainability - Salcheto, Montepulciano
Wines and Sustainability - Salcheto, Montepulciano

Nobile Vecchie Viti del Salco

From the oldest vines in the Salcheto vineyard, progenitor of the winery’s Sangiovese Prugnolo Gentile clone. It ages for 2 years in wood and 2 years in the bottle and is the wine dedicated to the Alliance Vinum project.


41,00 318,00 
From the oldest vines of the vineyard, we have obtained a clone of Sangiovese Prugnolo Gentile that reaches slight overripeness. After 2 years in wood it ages up to 4 years in the bottle before marketing.


Vinified with the “Governo Toscano” method from single varietal Sangiovese Prugnolo Gentile slightly overripe through withering, aged for 24 months in wood, then 12 more months in glass


11,00 98,00 
From the Sangiovese Prugnolo Gentile vines, one bottle per plant, it vinifies in wood and ages 18 months in large and small barrels, and finally for at least 6 months in glass.

Obvius Giallo Oro

A white with hints of noble rot, produced with the “Sauternes” method but with a fresh and innovative approach.

Obvius Rosso

A young wine, made only with grapes. Prime selection from the Abbadia vines, interpreted through fermentation and maturation in steel, for an experience of using only the fruit, without any added sulphites.

Obvius Rosato

From the vines of all the Salcheto estates, a blend of grapes with a Sangiovese (90%) Canaiolo, Mammolo and Merlot base, interpreted through fermentation and maturation in steel, without added sulphites.

Obvius Bianco

Trebbiano from the Poggio Piglia estate and Vermentino made in collaboration with the Greppiano di Lamporecchio winery, interpreted through fermentation and maturation in steel, without added sulphites.

Chianti Biskero

Everyday wine, ready to drink made with a (85%) Cannolo, Mammolo and Merlot base, it is completed with ageing of part of the mass in 300lit American oak “tonneaux”.

Tempo con Michel Gondry

Tempo is the journey of wine through music, illustrated by the director and passionate drummer Michel Gondry for Salcheto.


An Organic table wine, without geographical indication or vintage, to simply showcase what is in it. Greater freedom in producing this wine also means greater value for money.

Our wines are bottled with an eye on ecology and beauty, with the Bordolese bottle Salcheto, which features an ancient shape while also being as light as possible, to avoid impacting the climate. The corks are all produced by efficient supply chains and are fully recyclable, as is the capsule made with 35% recycled PET, and fully recyclable, with its tear system.

Salco in ancient Tuscan language is Salice, the Willow, a historically significant tree in the winemaking areas because its branches (‘vinco’) were used to tie the vines. Salcheto is the name of the stream that flows below Montepulciano and carves a valley where willows once thrived, and marks the border of the estate.

Wines and Sustainability - Salcheto, Montepulciano


We manage the environment, it is our dearest business

At Salcheto we believe that a business must set itself goals of on-going environmental and social, as well as economic, improvement from the very onset.

This is why we issue a Sustainability Report and we have developed a careful way of managing our sustainability, compliant with the EQUALITAS standard which is certified by a third party. Its environmental indicators are:

  • Carbon Footprint: o control energy and materials directly and indirectly consumed along the process and reduce the relative climate-altering emissions.
  • Water Footprint: to rationalise the use of water and prevent any pollution.
  • Indice Biodiversità: this applies to a phase of applied experimentation, it monitors the biological quality of the soil and the farm’s ecosystem.

The on-going pursuit for improved interaction with the environment has also led us to:

  • Work in an energetically independent wine cellar (“off-grid”, where the energy savings are the primary “source of supply”).
  • Conduct and Certify our vines and our wines according to the European Organic Protocol.
  • Produce our own fertilisers (from composting) and dynamizing the soil with Horn Manure ‘500’.
  • Use wood materials exclusively from controlled sources and responsibly managed forests (FSC and PEFC certifications).
  • Purify and recycle 100% of our waste water (including the water from washing our sprayers).
  • Sort 98% of the waste materials at our on-site waste separation and recycling area in order to adopt direct recycling measures.

We are proud to be the first company in the world to have certified the Carbon Footprint of a Bottle of Wine (according to standard ISO 14064, in 2010).

This analysis is now available to anyone who consumes a bottle of our wine, thanks to a CO2 calculator that dynamically indicates the emissions connected to its consumption, directly in the place where it is opened.

Lastly, we are glad to be the first Italian vineyard to have implemented a Welfare Plan for its employees.

Wines and Sustainability - Salcheto, Montepulciano

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