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Terms and conditions Salcheto Social Club


As part of the activities of Soc. Agr. Salcheto srl (hereinafter Salcheto), which produces wines and other ancillary products, from the cultivation of land located in Tuscany, in the province of Siena and with wineries and registered office in Montepulciano (SI) at Via di Villa Bianca n. 15, tax code and VAT number 01034860526, the promotional campaign called “Salcheto Social Club” is launched in favor of its retail customers (hereinafter “Customer”) with the following terms and conditions:

1) Object: the campaign will be structured by offering privileged memberships for services and conditions, subject to a minimum annual expense to be made by the Customer, as well as a subscription to the periodic purchase of wines.
2) Duration: the campaign will last from 01/04/21 and will end on 31/12/2026, the date on which any commitment of Salcheto towards the Customer relating to the promotional campaign itself will automatically cease, except for extensions or renewals granted at sole discretion of Salcheto.

3) Memberships: such as those called “Social Friend”, “Social Farmer” and “Family Farmer”, entitle you to the discounted and/or free services included in the summary provided at the time of subscription by e-mail to the Customer or through a webpage where to collect a digital agreement about.
4) Subscription: subscriptions, such as the one called “Social Subscription”, offer the possibility to periodically receive a certain selection of wines from those offered by Salcheto and as defined in the confirmation message sent by e-mail to the Customer at the time of joining. Salcheto reserves the right to change the composition of the wines offered over time, should them no longer be produced or are temporarily unavailable, committing to include wines of at least equal commercial value among those offered in the subscription shipment.

5) Discounts: the discounts offered in the various qualified memberships and subscriptions refer to the prices publicly displayed in the Salcheto e-shop, in its sales point and in its resort open at the Montepulciano headquarters.
6) Free Services: free services refer to those usually offered by Salcheto at its sales point and resort open at the Montepulciano headquarters and may be subject to revocation. In case of revocation, Salcheto undertakes to refund the Customer for a value in goods equivalent to the value of the services which the Customer could no longer use until the first expiry of his subscription.

7) Wine Storage: if a Customer benefits from the qualified membership of the storage service for their wine purchases at Salcheto, the wines are to be considered in custody in the state in which they were purchased and will be insured against theft and fire. Upon expiry of the qualified membership by the customer or of the promotional campaign, the wines will be sent without prior notice to the shipping address communicated by the customer during the first subscription and, in the event that these are not found, they will be donated to charity or destroyed. .

8) Personalized Label: with this special service, we mean the possibility for the customer to request that their wine orders be packaged with a label created conceptually and graphically at the expense of the Customer and printed and applied at the expense of Salcheto.
9) Causes of force majeure: if extraordinary events such as pandemics, natural disasters, serious social unrest or similar objectively do not allow to guarantee the delivery of the terms and conditions offered, Salcheto reserves the right to terminate the promotional campaign in progress in advance or to communicate them unilaterally the modification without any increase in costs at his expense.

10) Jurisdiction: for any interpretation or dispute concerning the relationship between the Customer and Salcheto in the context of this promotional campaign, Italian law will apply.